Barebells Proteinbar Toffee Core 40g. 14stk./krt.-H


  • Varenr: K-709-LH207204
  • Enhed: krt.

Beskrivelse af varen


When you think your taste buds can’t get more satisfied – think again. Our Toffee Protein Core Bar is truly a sensation; imagine a buttery toffee, a milk chocolate cover and a perfect crisp to top it off. It’s all there, right in our new bar filled with 13 grams of protein and no added sugar. Stay true to your taste buds.

Næringsindhold per 100 g (per bar 40 g)

ENERGI 1488 kJ (595 kJ) /356 kcal (142 kcal)
FEDT 14 g (5,6 g) heraf mættede fedtsyrer 8,2 g (3,3 g)
KULHYDRAT 28 g (11 g), heraf sukkerarter 3,3 g (1,3 g)
KOSTFIBRE 7,3 g (3,0 g)
PROTEIN 33 g (13 g)
SALT 0,61 g (0,24 g)

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